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This is an overview of the Solar production at Decorah Bank.
It contains 21.5 kW solar on the roof and 2 kW solar on the drive-in.

Roof Solar

This is the 21.5 kW system on the Decorah Bank roof.
Last 24 Hours
124.5 kWh daily
5188 average watts
523.61 kWh weekly
74.8 kWh daily
By Month
2018 kWh in an average month
24211 kWh in an average year

Drive In Solar

This is the 2 kW solar system visible on the drive thru.
Last 24 Hours
13.7 kWh daily
569 average watts
56.28 kWh weekly
8.04 kWh daily
By Month
250 kWh in an average month
3000 kWh in an average year