Winneshiek Energy District

Welcome to Winneshiek Energy District's local carbon exchange, the first and only in Iowa!

Why purchase carbon offsets (ONEOTA TAGS) from Winneshiek Energy District?

  • Once you've made an effort to reduce your carbon footprint through efficiency and renewables, Oneota Tags are a way to further contribute to lowering our local emissons.
  • It is the only program in the world where your dollars go to energy projects right here in Winneshiek County, reducing our emissons AND stimulating the local economy.
  • It is a community-oriented project with tremendous social and educational benefits.
  • We are responsible to YOU. Read more about integrity of Oneota Tags in the learn pages.
We’re offering three Oneota Tag purchase options below: calculate your household emissions, purchase based on preset options, and/or donate to further development of the project (use one or all). Just remember, OFFSETS ARE NOT A SILVER BULLET. Read more about offsets in the “learn” links to the right.

Choose one or more of these preset options and purchase Oneota Tags to offset

If you don't want to take the time to calculate, and/or you want to give Oneota Tags as gifts, use the preset purchase options, which are pre-loaded with average emissions figures.

Household Energy Use


Complete Individual US Offset

This comes from dividing the total US emissions by total US population, and so includes infrastructure and commercial emissions not typically included in household calculations.

Gift Offset

Event Offset

Calculate your annual household emissions and purchase Oneota Tags

Click here to download a tool and calculate your household footprint, OR use this online calculator to do so. Then return here and enter the total number of metric tons to offset (1 ton = 1 Oneota Tag).
Beware, the online calculator results in very large estimates for consumption (the “shopping” component) that most calculators do not. It may provide an estimate double or more that of the downloadable spreadsheet, which doesn’t factor in consumption much at all (though it has a small “garbage” component). Adjust either number as you see fit, or use the averages in the preset options below.

Number of tons: ($30 per ton)


Donations will be used to further develop and promote our offset program (including trials of new technologies and methodologies) but will not represent actual emissions reduction purchases.

Donation Amount: $